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Nagase and Gouriki search for the truth behind the "300 Million Yen Affair"

real quick translation I whipped up this morning, so sorry if it's messy, ahaha


It's been announced that Nagase Tomoya (34) of popular group TOKIO will star in a new TBS serial drama, "Kurokouchi" (starting October, Fridays at 10 p.m.), based on one of Japan's greatest unsolved mysteries, the "300 Million Yen Affair." Nagase will play the role of a rogue detective who's not opposed to siding on the wrong side of the law to try and shine some light on even the most heinous of crimes. Gouriki Ayame (20) will play the role of fledgling detective who teams up with Nagase to find the truth behind the tangled affair.

Nagase, playing the role of a dirty hero with a "you've gotta fight evil with evil" attitude will take on an epic search for truth behind this real-life crime.

The drama will be based on the manga of the same name, currently running in the magazine "Weekly Manga Goraku" and written by Richard Woo (Nagasaki Takashi) and Kohno Kouji. Nagase commented about his role as the title character, rogue detective Kurokouchi, that "I just feel like there's a whole lot of possibilities. It's the kind of story with all these different layers you've gotta peel off, and I'm really excited to start working on it."

Of his character, the kind of hero who'd forge evidence and even blackmail, getting his own hands dirty to fight against evil, Nagase boasted "It'll make for a really new type of detective drama."

The 300 Million Yen Affair occurred in December of 1968, an incident involving a man posing as a motorcycle policeman who stole a total of 300 million yen in cash from a transport vehicle, shocking the nation. Nagase's character Kurokouchi develops a theory that the incident was devised by big shots of the police and political worlds as a perfect crime to save their own necks. He teams up with career bureaucrat, fledgling detective Seike (Gouriki), to find out the truth behind the affair in a bold piece of fiction.

Nagase already has his own share of experience on the subject, given that he was one of the main cast members for the Fuji TV special drama "The 300 Million Yen Affair ~The Final Mystery of the 20th Century~" back in 2000. During that drama, Nagase acted as one of the criminals themselves, but this time, he's coming at it from a different perspective--to bring those criminals to justice.

Gouriki also brings her share of detective skills to the table, given that she starred in the Fuji TV drama "Beginners!" last summer, where she played as a student at a police academy. "In one year, I'm going from a greenhorn to a bona fide detective!" she stated, unable to hide her excitement. Though this will be her first time acting with Nagase, she praised him saying that "He seems like a sweet guy with the presence of a real man's man." Nagase also commented that "While I wouldn't go so far as to say this is like 'Beauty and the Beast,' we certainly come from two different worlds, so getting to act next to each other like this could make for some real interesting television." Perhaps this "Beauty and the Beast" could become a household name? Other stars acting in the drama include Kashii Yuu (26), Kazama Morio (64), and Watabe Atsurou (45).


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