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MBMH Bonus DVD :)

Hi everyone ! ^_^ It's been a while !

I finally received my MBMH DVD box, and I was wondering if someone is interrested by the bonus DVD?
(I ask 1st, because I don't want to rip/upload for nothing~)
If so, I'll edit this post with links. :D (I'll go back home on August 9th !)

Thank you for your messages ! ^_^
Sooo, I have uploaded all the video, there will be the 8 parts separately and the full video. ^_^
Idk why, the parts are in a 16/9 format... :'D  and the quality is not the best, but still watchable, don't worry ! ♥

Feel free to make mirrors links~

Part 1 - Backtages
Part 2 - Nagase/Tegoshi Interview
Part 3 - St Agnes Choregraphy *
Part 4 - Visit of Kanto Sharp Fang
Part 5 - Press Conference
Part 6 - End of filming
Part 7 - NG scenes
Part 8 - Anikinder Op *

(* there's no MBMH characters on these parts ! )

FULL VIDEO (1h07mn45s) *soon*

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