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[MOD POST] TOKIO Kakeru + Dramas

So! By some twist of fate I've been made a moderator by the owner of the comm. Yoroshiku! I'll be going back and tagging about a year's worth of posts, so that's always fun. But now to the important stuff.

On the media masterpost I saw several people asking for TokiKake episodes, and yes, we don't have an archive for them yet, but that's because my DL/UL speed is shit and I haven't had the time to do consistent downloads/uploads. So, two things:

1) If you want a specific episode, please comment here. I'll prioritise downloading/uploading those in this supremely slow attempt at making a TokiKake MEGA account.
2) If you have TokiKake raws and are willing to upload them, please let me know! I'm not looking for a complete collection from anyone--every episode counts.

One of the main reasons people get baited into TOKIO is because of a Tomo or Mabo drama. But there's a shitload of dramas everyone's done and I think it'd be cool if we could have archives for those, too. So if you have files of drama episodes--any at all--and are willing to upload them (subs not necessary, though if they come from d-addicts I imagine they're free for uploading) then please let me know which dramas you have!

After that I'll be making another organised post like we did with the previous mass re-uploading effort so we can do this efficiently.

I'm really excited to do all these things with everyone, but I hope you'll all bare with me as I try to get used to handling the ropes! Basil left a huge legacy to take over, so I'll do my best to keep Tea Time in good condition like she did. (●´ω`●)ゞ

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YAAASSS. Congrats MOD! Lance! I'd like to help with the dramas and random TV Shows.

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Mainly Tomo's.

1. Yan Papa, but I checked the previous Yan Papa post, the links are still working. but if you want me to upload on the Mega acc, I can do it. (Hardsubbed)
2. IWGP - Series and Special (Hardsubbed)
3. Tiger & Dragon - Series and Special (Hardsubbed)
4. Kurokouchi (Softsubbed)
5. The first Mukodono (Hardsubbed)
6. Unubore Deka (Hardsubbed)

Oh and btw, I've uploaded Sword Of The Stranger into the Movie account since I noticed that the links in the previous SOTS post are dead. I'll upload the making also later.

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Sure thing. :D

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omedetou! :) I'd like to help sometime again :D
Ganbatte ne!

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You'll do well MOD Lance. :)

I can help out any way you need me to (depending on my abilities and the internet lol).

I have Yaoh from Sandra, Hissatsu Shigotonin 2010?!? or 09, Dousoukai (RAWS), I might still have My Boss My Hero here somewhere. Just let me know if you need me to upload them somewhere.

Good job!!

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Yoroshiku and Good luck! I'm sure you'll be just as great ^_^

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I think you'll do well. Looking forward to see the Tea Time be lively again. This comm is so precious to all us TOKIO fans

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Congrats ! Let me know if I can help in any ways.

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yes. I've posted a while back the link to Mega Karei Naru Spy. Let me know if you want the link again.
I do have more somewhere.
I'll send you a private message for this.

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Congrats!! I have several Tomo dramas if you need them (Tiger&Dragon, Unubore, probably My Boss My Hero, Hara chan are what I specifically remember) I can get Kaibutsu kun and Koukousei Restaurant as well. Let me know !!

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I will have to double check on whether they're hard or soft but they are all subbed. They're on my external which is currently at my parents' so it'll take me a little to get a hold of it but I will soon-ish. I probably won't visit them before next week but I should be able to check&up quickly.

I'm also a member of which has an impressively decent collection and have 8 available invites I can share if you know someone who is willing to torrent and re-up things for the comm. I'm afraid I can't commit to that myself but I'd be happy to invite anyone who is interested.

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So, I know this happened like 4 mos ago and you've set up everything already so . . . but I've finally gotten my harddrive back and working again so I checked what I have and I am willing and happy to upload any or all of them to wherever you tell me.
I have Hara-chan complete Hardsub
IWGP complete Hard
Koukousei Restaurant complete soft
Unubore complete hard
Tiger and Dragon complete soft
Kaibutsu kun only the first 3 episodes soft (I'm fairly sure this ones on the torrent site, just haven't dl-ed it yet.)

And I still have invites to . Plus, they're doing open registration till the end of March!

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*tries to remember what's on my harddrive*

i have
kakeru 20160525 with morita unsubbed
my boss my hero hardsubbed
nakuna hara-chan hardsubbed
kareinaru spy or as i refer to it - the one with all the tomo cosplays 8))) , hardsubbed (google translate standard :c)
tiger&dragon ep1
various tokikake eps engsub

yasuko to kenji

what can i get you from the menu? ^u^

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I'm sure you will do great!!!!!