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[MOD POST] TOKIO Kakeru + Dramas

So! By some twist of fate I've been made a moderator by the owner of the comm. Yoroshiku! I'll be going back and tagging about a year's worth of posts, so that's always fun. But now to the important stuff.

On the media masterpost I saw several people asking for TokiKake episodes, and yes, we don't have an archive for them yet, but that's because my DL/UL speed is shit and I haven't had the time to do consistent downloads/uploads. So, two things:

1) If you want a specific episode, please comment here. I'll prioritise downloading/uploading those in this supremely slow attempt at making a TokiKake MEGA account.
2) If you have TokiKake raws and are willing to upload them, please let me know! I'm not looking for a complete collection from anyone--every episode counts.

One of the main reasons people get baited into TOKIO is because of a Tomo or Mabo drama. But there's a shitload of dramas everyone's done and I think it'd be cool if we could have archives for those, too. So if you have files of drama episodes--any at all--and are willing to upload them (subs not necessary, though if they come from d-addicts I imagine they're free for uploading) then please let me know which dramas you have!

After that I'll be making another organised post like we did with the previous mass re-uploading effort so we can do this efficiently.

I'm really excited to do all these things with everyone, but I hope you'll all bare with me as I try to get used to handling the ropes! Basil left a huge legacy to take over, so I'll do my best to keep Tea Time in good condition like she did. (●´ω`●)ゞ

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