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NHk Premium 2008.11.28 Nagase Report MTV Umpluged. Re upload

HI Mina !!!!

some have asked of this TV show , It's a  documentary
about Nagase Tomoya aired in NHK " PREMIUM 10" .It's the Second one,Because Tomoya is
at his 30 years and he mad a lot of project. First a New Movie
"Heaven's door" with Mickael Arias and the last but not least, he was
the Guest of the Famous show " MTV Umpluged ".
I'm sure that everyone still remember this great LIve that he offerd to us and some
(like me !! ^^)problably had the DVD at home .
Anyway all this is for saying that i decided to upload this show here in this SUGOIIII
community !! \(^o^)/

here the link to :   DL
 ps: the only this that i regrets is that this show is not subbed -_- ! sorry i can't translate japanese.

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Omg thank you so much🤗

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Thank you! :-)

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It's the Second oneBecause Tomoya is
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Oh my!!! Thank you so much! :D