19 October 2016 @ 12:17 pm
[2016.10.18] Kis-Mileage  

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12 February 2013 @ 10:08 pm
[Translation] TOKIO New Single "Tegami" (Letter), with lyrics by YUKI, to be released in March  
It's been announced that TOKIO's newest single, "Tegami" (Letter) will be released on March 20th, 2013.

It will be the second single for TOKIO this year, coming right off the heels of their single "Lyric" to be released on the 20th of this month. The title song of the single, "Tegami," is the theme song for the up-and-coming movie, "Daijoubu Sankumi," which will hit theaters on March 23rd, and stars TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi. Lyrics for the song were written by YUKI, composition was handled by Tsutaya Koichi, and editing was taken care of by Noma Kousuke. The song is a nostalgic rock-type number, the combination of YUKI's lyrics and the rhythmic prowess of TOKIO's performance giving it an adult flavor.

The single will be released in two versions: a limited edition with DVD of the single's promotional video, and a regular edition which includes coupling songs such as "Sunset City." Those who purchase "Tegami," the sooner-to-be-released "Lyric," along with the TOKIO Live Tour 1718 DVD currently set to be released this spring, will be entered into a lottery campaign to win a special prize through the aptly titled "TOKIO 2013 Campaign." Be sure to check out the campaign's official site for more information!

source: http://tower.jp/article/news/2013/02/13/n04

Note: this article was JUST released, and so far it's the only thing with any information like this, so it's obviously not official, but it's still exciting!! Let's hope it turns out to actually be official---Tower Records can't be that off the mark, can they?
05 July 2012 @ 02:42 am
[Translation] Tahichi: vol. 3312  
TOKIO is grinding its gears together and coming alive as musicians. We apologize for the long wait. First up is the new album! It's been six years since our last full-album! I'm even composing and writing lyrics for my own songs! Also on the table is our next tour.
We're still in the midst of recording, but should you all be interested, take a glance at our late night late night recording sessions [link].
I believe we'll be done with it very soon. Please look forward to it!



15 March 2011 @ 06:25 pm
[translation] Jnet Message from TOKIO (3/15)  
We were in Miyagi and Iwate just a week ago for our concerts, we're really worried about how everyone who came for us are doing right now.
Some of the members were in the Touhoku region when the earthquake hit.
The shaking was fierce, to think of what it must be like even now, it makes us extremely anxious.
We've been to the Pacific coastline over and over, like for the solar car location shoots for "The! Tetsuwan! DASH!"
Everyone there always warmly welcomed us, and we it's there that we learned the strength of relationships formed between people.
We should take each others' hands, encourage each other, do what we can,
It's the only way to face what's happening.
Turning one light off in your room, unplugging things, not using water in a wasteful way...
These may be small things, but when each of us do these, it becomes powerful.
Please don't forget this.
We will continue to do what we can as well.
And we hope from our hearts that as many people as possible are saved.

Joushima Shigeru
Yamguchi Tatsuya
Kokubun Taichi
Matsuoka Masahiro
Nagase Tomoya

[source: jnet]
11 March 2011 @ 09:43 am
[Mod-post] Disaster in Japan  
Everyone please keep Japan in your prayers and thoughts during this time. If you haven't read about it, Japan's east-coast got hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami and there's already hundreds of people dead or missing. For everyone living in Japan currently, I hope you are safe. Biggest regions to get hit were Sendai, Iwate (both of which TOKIO was just at within the last week), Ibaraki, Miyagi, and Fukushima (where the DASH Village is located), but many other cities along all of eastern and central Japan were affected as well. My heart goes out to everyone there and their friends and family and to all those whose homes and businesses have been destroyed or damaged from the flood waters or fires.

I know this isn't media-related, but I thought everyone here would like to know if they hadn't yet been informed, especially since it hits so close to our hearts, so please forgive me.

Please keep Japan and our boys in your prayers.