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TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru to be the marathon runner for NTV's "24 Jikan Terebi"  
Original Title: TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru to be the marathon runner for NTV's "24 Jikan Terebi 37 Ai wa chikyuu wo sukuu"



TOKIO's leader Joshima Shigeru was announced on 18 May during the broadcast of "Gyoretsu no dekiru houritsu soudanjo" as the marathon runner for NTV's annual charity programme "24 Jikan Terebi 37 Ai wa chikyuu wo sukuu" which will be shown on 30th and 31st August. This year's main host will be his junior group from the same agency i.e. Kanjani 8 which expressed shock when they heard the announcement. Joshima is the second person in TOKIO to run the marathon following Yamaguchi Tatsuya's attempt in 1997 when the latter was 25 years old.

Joshima revealed that when he was first approached by NTV to be the marathon runner, he was so shocked that he didn't know what to say. He then decided to go ahead with the idea without thinking too much about it.

source: doramaworld@blogspot


He's 43 but..i think he can do it! he's got a lot of training from TOKIO's shows especially in DASH Village XD
GAMBATTE SHIGERU-SAN! For TOKIO's 20th anniversary, For LOVE, FOR JAPAN!!! :D

my first time to post here hihi :P
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Nagase and Gouriki search for the truth behind the "300 Million Yen Affair"  
real quick translation I whipped up this morning, so sorry if it's messy, ahaha


It's been announced that Nagase Tomoya (34) of popular group TOKIO will star in a new TBS serial drama, "Kurokouchi" (starting October, Fridays at 10 p.m.), based on one of Japan's greatest unsolved mysteries, the "300 Million Yen Affair." Nagase will play the role of a rogue detective who's not opposed to siding on the wrong side of the law to try and shine some light on even the most heinous of crimes. Gouriki Ayame (20) will play the role of fledgling detective who teams up with Nagase to find the truth behind the tangled affair.

Nagase, playing the role of a dirty hero with a "you've gotta fight evil with evil" attitude will take on an epic search for truth behind this real-life crime.

The drama will be based on the manga of the same name, currently running in the magazine "Weekly Manga Goraku" and written by Richard Woo (Nagasaki Takashi) and Kohno Kouji. Nagase commented about his role as the title character, rogue detective Kurokouchi, that "I just feel like there's a whole lot of possibilities. It's the kind of story with all these different layers you've gotta peel off, and I'm really excited to start working on it."

Of his character, the kind of hero who'd forge evidence and even blackmail, getting his own hands dirty to fight against evil, Nagase boasted "It'll make for a really new type of detective drama."

The 300 Million Yen Affair occurred in December of 1968, an incident involving a man posing as a motorcycle policeman who stole a total of 300 million yen in cash from a transport vehicle, shocking the nation. Nagase's character Kurokouchi develops a theory that the incident was devised by big shots of the police and political worlds as a perfect crime to save their own necks. He teams up with career bureaucrat, fledgling detective Seike (Gouriki), to find out the truth behind the affair in a bold piece of fiction.

Nagase already has his own share of experience on the subject, given that he was one of the main cast members for the Fuji TV special drama "The 300 Million Yen Affair ~The Final Mystery of the 20th Century~" back in 2000. During that drama, Nagase acted as one of the criminals themselves, but this time, he's coming at it from a different perspective--to bring those criminals to justice.

Gouriki also brings her share of detective skills to the table, given that she starred in the Fuji TV drama "Beginners!" last summer, where she played as a student at a police academy. "In one year, I'm going from a greenhorn to a bona fide detective!" she stated, unable to hide her excitement. Though this will be her first time acting with Nagase, she praised him saying that "He seems like a sweet guy with the presence of a real man's man." Nagase also commented that "While I wouldn't go so far as to say this is like 'Beauty and the Beast,' we certainly come from two different worlds, so getting to act next to each other like this could make for some real interesting television." Perhaps this "Beauty and the Beast" could become a household name? Other stars acting in the drama include Kashii Yuu (26), Kazama Morio (64), and Watabe Atsurou (45).

12 February 2013 @ 10:08 pm
[Translation] TOKIO New Single "Tegami" (Letter), with lyrics by YUKI, to be released in March  
It's been announced that TOKIO's newest single, "Tegami" (Letter) will be released on March 20th, 2013.

It will be the second single for TOKIO this year, coming right off the heels of their single "Lyric" to be released on the 20th of this month. The title song of the single, "Tegami," is the theme song for the up-and-coming movie, "Daijoubu Sankumi," which will hit theaters on March 23rd, and stars TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi. Lyrics for the song were written by YUKI, composition was handled by Tsutaya Koichi, and editing was taken care of by Noma Kousuke. The song is a nostalgic rock-type number, the combination of YUKI's lyrics and the rhythmic prowess of TOKIO's performance giving it an adult flavor.

The single will be released in two versions: a limited edition with DVD of the single's promotional video, and a regular edition which includes coupling songs such as "Sunset City." Those who purchase "Tegami," the sooner-to-be-released "Lyric," along with the TOKIO Live Tour 1718 DVD currently set to be released this spring, will be entered into a lottery campaign to win a special prize through the aptly titled "TOKIO 2013 Campaign." Be sure to check out the campaign's official site for more information!

source: http://tower.jp/article/news/2013/02/13/n04

Note: this article was JUST released, and so far it's the only thing with any information like this, so it's obviously not official, but it's still exciting!! Let's hope it turns out to actually be official---Tower Records can't be that off the mark, can they?
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[Translation] Nagase's new drama "Don't Cry, Hara-chan" to start in January  

Nihon Television "cools down" this coming January with its announcement of new Saturday night drama "Don't Cry, Hara-chan" starring Nagase Tomoya. The drama tells of the love story between Echizen, a plain woman working at a fish paste factory, and "Hara-chan", the protagonist of her manga who suddenly springs to life in the real world. Nagase, who hasn't starred in a drama role in two years and taking on the role of "Hara-chan", commented on his role with "Just as Echizen beats at the stress of her daily life by drawing manga, I'll beat this drama with all my thoughts and feelings about acting that have been building up these last two years!"

The manga version of "Hara-chan" was also unveiled, and when Nagase was asked if he thought it resembled him, he replied with "Oh, it's quite excellent. I have pretty much no artistic talent, so I'm rather jealous (laugh)." "Hara-chan" as a character spends most of his time at izakayas grumbling about life and getting drunk. With every day following the same pattern, all he ever feels is anger, while lacking the courage to do anything about it. As he cries, all he can do it tell himself to shape up and stop crying, which explains the title "Don't Cry, Hara-chan." Through drawing this manga, Echizen is able to let off stress by expressing her grudges and discontent with her own life, things she normally wouldn't be able to tell anyone else. But then one day, a miracle happens. Suddenly, "Hara-chan" comes to life in human form, which begins the love story between Hara-chan and Echizen.

About his character, Nagase said that "He's like, as naive as a baby, totally straight-forward about everything, but once he's turned 3D, reality hits him hard. In that, there's a really heart-breaking yet exciting story that can be told." Hara-chan is sultry, gloomy, and always racing ahead fruitlessly. But in his role as the hero who saves Echizen from her daily life, Echizen goes from being annoyed at his appearance to slowly but surely coming to accept him. Along with Echizen, we'll come to discover the true beauties of the world, and the miracles of life that exist in each and every moment. But surely the story of someone from the real world and a manga character can't end happily, can it? Just what will the pair's fate be in the end?

Both reality and the world of the manga will be sketched in front of us for this drama. Reading the script, Nagase described it as "It's certainly an out-of-this-world storyline, but I feel like the two realities are mixed really well, which I think makes it just one example of the 'correct' way to handle a story of this type." "Don't Cry, Hara-chan" marks his first serial drama in the last two years. It's being produced by Kawano Hidehiro, the same producer of the 2006 drama My Boss, My Hero, also starring Nagase, and which brought in an average viewer rating of 19.1%. "I'm really curious to see all the new things we can accomplish working with the same team [as My Boss, My Hero]," stated Nagase.

The script is being handled by Okada Yoshikazu, of whose hit morning NHK drama "Chura-san" was awarded the Mukouda Kuniko and Hashida awards, and whose hit morning drama from just last year, "Ohisama", and recent drama "Saigo kara Ni-banme no Koi" have been beautiful examples of adult love stories. Other staff members on the team with producer Kawano include those from "Youkai Ningen Bemu," a deep and heart-breaking drama which broached questions such as "what is human?" As an actor who's taken on all kinds of roles in all types of stories, Nagase will join this top-class team, creating a new hero never before seen in "Don't Cry, Hara-chan!"

--start date, January 18th, 2013
Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. (Nihon Television)
---really quick translation, but wanted to get this out so everyone knew! <3
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[Translation] Yomiuri Family 2012.10.31 Gussan Interview  

I thought this interview was really cute, so figured I would translate and share with everyone! Gussan talks about TOKIO and ~his feelings~ as well as some memories of his pre-debut days. I got all smushed inside.

Under the cut. )
10 September 2012 @ 01:53 am
[Translation] TOKIO's New Weekly Variety Show  
This fall, "5LDK" is moving to a new time-slot on Wednesday at 11:00 PM!
And not only that, it's getting a make-over as well--a powered-up renewal in the form of a new title "TOKIO Kakeru" (name temporary).
In a series of cutting-edged games, TOKIO's true selves will be revealed!

Just what "level" of a person would you consider yourself to be...? When we were in school, though we may not have enjoyed them, we had tests to measure our growth and skills, but as we've grown into adults, these forms of tests to measure ourselves have all but disappeared... "TOKIO Kakeru" aims to solve this problem, giving you tests as a human being--not through grades, your place in society, your job, or your income, but through your true self.

"TOKIO Kakeru" is a new type of "Level-Game Variety Programming". TOKIO members Joshima Shigeru, Yamaguchi Tatsuya, Kokubun Taichi, Matsuoka Masahiro and Nagase Tomoya, along with their weekly guest, will compete against each other in original games to measure their "Personal Levels". The games will require mostly adult forms of strategy in order to succeed, so each of the contestants' true natures will be laid bare-faced to the world!

Some of the games on the show will include "Night of the Wolf" and "New Machigaete~ra" among others. "Night of the Wolf" is a game based on the card game currently taking the European continent by storm. It's a psychological game where the players must sniff out the "wolf" (liar) amongst their friends using clues gathered from their conversations. Cooperation, back-stabbing, and cheating are all methods to employ in this game that will reveal one's true character!

"New Machigaete~ra" is based on the popular segment from "5LDK" where the members of TOKIO and their guest were tested in regards to their palate and sense of taste. This time on "TOKIO Kakeru", the rules have been reformed to transform this into a game that will test one's true level as a person! Other new games will focus on themes such as "love", "current trends", "economics" and "stocks" in a wide variety of games that viewers at home will be able to take part in as well.

One of "TOKIO Kakeru"'s most expansive new features is the ability for viewers at home to participate in the same games as TOKIO and their guest. While the show is being televised, viewers can play along on their cell phones and smart phones to guess the answers to the games' questions. Viewers will be able to measure their own "levels" in realtime with the rest of the cast! We invite all of you to join in the action each week to find out just how you measure up as a person and discover your own "level".

05 July 2012 @ 02:42 am
[Translation] Tahichi: vol. 3312  
TOKIO is grinding its gears together and coming alive as musicians. We apologize for the long wait. First up is the new album! It's been six years since our last full-album! I'm even composing and writing lyrics for my own songs! Also on the table is our next tour.
We're still in the midst of recording, but should you all be interested, take a glance at our late night late night recording sessions [link].
I believe we'll be done with it very soon. Please look forward to it!



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[Translation] Taichi chosen as Fuji TV newscaster for the London Olympics  

Kokubun Taichi, member of popular group TOKIO, was present at the Fuji Television interview in Odaiba after being selected as the main newscaster to represent Fuji at the London Olympics. Kokubun currently appears in and acts as the editor-in-chief to the Fuji TV Saturday night sports program "Sport!". Kokubun has had experience newscasting for a variety of different sporting events, and described his last four years since getting appointed as editor-in-chief as a "four year battle". "I've always had an eye out for the Fuji TV big-shots, and now finally I got this position," he said with a smile. "I'll do my best to report with passion as zeal as a representative of Fuji TV". He accepted the position with an exuberant guts pose.

He's also stated that he has yet to inform the other TOKIO members, remarking with a laugh that "they'll probably read the newspapers and find out. I mean, even I didn't know about Matsuoka-kun collapsing in the sauna until I read it in the papers. They've been my rivals for this position the last four years--and now I've finally managed to defeat them and claim it for myself!" he stated with a joking smile, all laughter and energy at the Odaiba interview.

The other Fuji Television casters chosen for the Olympics will be lead by Hirai Rio and Honda Tomoko. Live on-site coverage will be lead by "Mezamashi TV"'s Miyake Masaharu, "Tokudane!"'s Ogura Tomoaki, and "Super News"'s Mainoumi Shuuhei. Announcers Hirai and Honda also attended the interview.

At the end of the interview, Kokubun enthusiastically distributed gold business cards with his name and "London Olympics Relay Broadcast Announcer" to Hirai, Honda and the other reporters, stating "may your stories be big and your hearts bigger".

--from the Mainichi Shinbun Dijital, 2012.05.06
22 February 2012 @ 07:50 pm
[Translation] The Television Dec 2011 TOKIO X Arashi crosstalk  

[livejournal.com profile] barbosa2007 translated the crosstalk between TOKIO & Arashi!!!!

In which one pair talks about composing a love song together, while another pair talks about going to Hawaii, and yet another pair talks about food...
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[Translation] Gussan and the DASH Village  
I thought everyone would like to read this.
Taken from http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20110826-00000001-dal-ent.

During an interview with Nihon Television in Tokyo on the 25th of this month, Yamaguchi Tatsuya of TOKIO (39) announced that the DASH Village, a farming village on the show The! Tetsuwan! DASH!! (Sundays at 7 pm), has begun the road to recovery. The DASH Village is located 25 kilometers from the evacuation zone brought about by the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Under Yamaguchi's proposal, revival of the DASH Village began during June. Having been back to the Village twice now to assess the situation, he stated tearfully that he was "taking the full responsibility of the DASH Village's current condition into his hands".

"To answer truthfully, I... I never thought we'd be able to go back to the Village." Voice shaking with emotion, a huge tear rolled down his cheek. Nothing but warm thoughts went out for the people of the neighboring Namiemachi, those who treated the DASH Village like family for over 10 years now.

From a proposal by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), in the month of June, sunflower seeds were spread across the Village, based on a theory that sunflower seeds could purify contaminated soil. Yamaguchi and members of JAXA returned to the Village on two separate dates - July 16th and August 22nd, obtaining samples of the soil for testing while spreading more seeds. They conducted their work wearing heavy protective clothes under stifling 36 degree heat.

Even now, high levels of radiation are being reported in the samples, but since immediately following the effects of the earthquake, Yamaguchi has appealed to the staff. "I want to go to the Village myself. I want to revive it." "Dangerous? If you think about it like that, you wouldn't be able to do it. Once we're able to return to the Village, everyone else will be able to return to their homes. In order for that to happen, there's so much work that needs to be done." Focusing on those thoughts, he took the initiative himself to head to the Village.

On the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 11th of March, Yamaguchi was at the Village with Joshima Shigeru (40) when the disaster hit, so his feelings towards the Village's revival are strong. Now TOKIO's "Revival Leader", Yamaguchi wished nothing more than to "take on the responsibility himself, and take back the Village."

The DASH Village project is scheduled to be broadcast on 9/11/2011.
15 March 2011 @ 06:25 pm
[translation] Jnet Message from TOKIO (3/15)  
We were in Miyagi and Iwate just a week ago for our concerts, we're really worried about how everyone who came for us are doing right now.
Some of the members were in the Touhoku region when the earthquake hit.
The shaking was fierce, to think of what it must be like even now, it makes us extremely anxious.
We've been to the Pacific coastline over and over, like for the solar car location shoots for "The! Tetsuwan! DASH!"
Everyone there always warmly welcomed us, and we it's there that we learned the strength of relationships formed between people.
We should take each others' hands, encourage each other, do what we can,
It's the only way to face what's happening.
Turning one light off in your room, unplugging things, not using water in a wasteful way...
These may be small things, but when each of us do these, it becomes powerful.
Please don't forget this.
We will continue to do what we can as well.
And we hope from our hearts that as many people as possible are saved.

Joushima Shigeru
Yamguchi Tatsuya
Kokubun Taichi
Matsuoka Masahiro
Nagase Tomoya

[source: jnet]